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5 Game Changing Accessories That Keep Your Options Open

When it comes to being a man, it’s no secret that your dressing options are composed of the standard players: shirts, shoes, pants. Perhaps with a pair of trusted aviator shades or black leather jacket thrown in for good measure. The fact of the matter is that wardrobe choices for men aren’t nearly as dizzying as they are for women. Less complicated is a positive thing, but it can also lead to inevitably finding yourself in a style rut. So how do you keep the contents of your closet fresh? The secret is simple: accessories. A well-crafted piece can take a look from so-so to sharp in 10 seconds flat. The right rugged necklace or finely-crafted bracelet can amp up your look with minimal effort and expand your styling options tenfold. Learning to accessorize isn’t complicated. It’s not an overhaul of your persona, just an enhancement.
Whatever mode you’re in—weekend warrior—or boardroom VIP, the benefits of accessorizing know no boundaries. Versatility is boss in the game of subtly adding the finishing touch to your aesthetic. You’ll be surprised at the boost of confidence that hits when you grab a braided cord leather band or slip on a handsome stainless steel bracelet. Here’s five hand-picked pieces that will get the job done—and then some.

Styling Essentials

  • Accentuate your accessories. Bracelets and your watch should complement each other, so casually coordinate them accordingly.

  • If you plan to wear several bracelets for a fashion-forward approach, a leather bracelet is a smart choice to “anchor” the look.

  • Size matters! When dressing your wrist, balance your beads and bands smartly with your timepiece. If your watch is on the chunky side, you have the option of rocking a thicker bracelet paired with smaller beaded bracelets. Conversely, if your watch is thin, stick to similar structured bracelets to complement it. You don’t want to overpower your watch with huge beads.

  • Metal or steel pieces makes a big statement and should be worn with a more toned down outfit choice. These masculine materials can stand on their own as a focal point.

  • Solid metal bracelets wear best as a solo piece and you don’t want the metal scuffing your watch, so wear the bracelet on your free hand (non-watch hand). Think: railroad spike cuff

Minimalist Stainless Steel Black Bracelet
Minimalist Stainless Steel Black Bracelet

Keep things simple with this masculine black silicone bracelet that is encircled with an inlaid cable that meets at a stainless steel center plate. The lightweight silicone makes for an easy wear to take you through the day. The polished stainless steel hidden clasp completes this refined look that is versatile enough for work or play.

Modern Black Gold Leather Bracelet
Modern Black Gold Leather Bracelet This smart modern bracelet features a prominent gold center plate that hits all the right notes. Intricately designed, this leather bracelet is made of sturdy braided genuine black leather that meets with stainless steel links framing a 316L gold steel center plate. An easy-fasten steel clasp keeps things clean. Ideal to add a point of interest and signal a masculinity that is prime for toasting the night.

All Steel All Style Bracelet
All Steel All Style Bracelet Steal the show with this confident band that is the missing link to a clean, complete look. Lightly textured steel comes full circle to add interest that meets front and center with a smooth steel fixture that is lightly brushed with accent designs. A matching polished clasp locks securely for a durable piece that effortlessly boosts any look from daytime dapper to out on the town after hours.

Vintage Black Chain Tusk Necklace
All Steel All Style Bracelet This necklace features a refined black tusk hung on a silver chain that balances out the piece. The sleek tusk is wrapped in antique finished detailing for a captivating statement piece. Tones of black and silver evoke a worldliness for an accessory that can be tailored to any occasion. A snap closure promises this necklace will stay put. Perfect for the creative on-the-go who has to make a string of client meetings or celebrating Friday with friends on a patio.

Black Gold Swellster Industrial Bracelet
All Steel All Style Bracelet Get geared up with this chunky industrial bracelet that combines black and gold hardware with distinctive details. Take a closer look to find each section is marked with sturdy gold and black links encircling a distinctive natural tribal pattern accent. Simple, yet eye-catching, this is the only accessory you’ll need to round out a complete look. An interlocking clasp adds a striking pop for a solid statement.